Saliva DNA Collection Device

DNA•SAL™ is a revolutionary salivary DNA collection device used for the collection of DNA from saliva. The device abrades cells and saliva in the mouth via a series of serrated edges resulting in the accumulation of a mixture of oral fluids (saliva) and cells that are trapped in an array of voids on the plastic body of the DNA•SAL™ device. The DNA•SAL™ is removed from the mouth and held while a small quantity of a safe rinse solution is taken, “swished” around in the mouth for a few seconds, then transferred by spitting back into the original sample tube. The collection head of the DNA•SAL™ tool is then detached from the handle into the transport tube containing the sample and rinse solution then immediately processed or sent to a laboratory where pure DNA can be extracted using an extraction kit provided by nacgenX™ Diagnostics*.

*Note: A number of other [saliva] DNA extraction kits may be suitable for extraction purposes. Please contact nacgenX™ Diagnostics your local supplier for confirmation.

Instructions for DNA Sample Collection:


  1. Open buffer bottle containing the Stabilizing Rinse Solution and set on flat surface.
  2. Rake collection teeth on the inside of cheeks firmly for 30 seconds.
  3. Pour the contents of the bottle containing the Stabilizing Rinse Solution into the mouth and “swish” around the collection area for 15 seconds, DO NOT SWALLOW!!
  4. Expectorate [spit] the solution from the mouth back into the bottle.
  5. Hold the bottle in one hand, snap the handle of the DNA•SAL™ Salivary Collection Device back over as shown until the collection head drops into the bottle.
  6. Discard the handle and secure the lid of the bottle.
  7. Shake the bottle for 5 seconds to mix the buffer with the cellular sample.
  8. The sample is now ready for immediate processing or transportation to the laboratory for DNA isolation.